Shipping Details FAQ
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Shipping Details FAQ

Shipping details

Question: Can the prices be cheaper?
Answer: All prices on the website are normal prices, if there are any price changes, please pay attention to the various activities of the shop. Please bookmark this shop to get the latest product prices.


Question: Are the goods in stock?
Answer: The corresponding colour or size you want on the shelf, can be photographed are in stock. If you encounter out of stock or off the shelf, we suggest you come in for advice! As some quantities are not up to date, you are welcome to bring a picture for advice.


Question: When will the goods be delivered after payment?
Answer: The day of payment before 16:30, all spot goods, the next day issued, please give us 24 hours to ensure that you buy the product for inspection, to determine the correct issue. 16:30 after the order, all will be issued within 72 hours after payment, as far as possible the same day issued ~.

       (If you encounter a large number of orders during the event, the delivery time will be adjusted, there will generally be an announcement, please consult customer service for details, no special circumstances will be shipped as scheduled)

         We will do our best to ensure the stability of the source of goods, product details are sufficient, the daily volume of goods are very large, but also dare not 100% guarantee that you will have the goods when you are allocated, but we guarantee that if there is a shortage of goods, we will be the first time to notify me, with my consent, to deal with. For products that are not in stock and not updated in time, we will inform our customers as soon as possible.


Question: Are the colours of the products accurate? Is there a big difference in colour?
Answer: Due to lighting, shooting angle and other reasons, each monitor is different, online shopping colour difference can not be avoided, we have tried to shoot and the closest to the real thing, please understand, all pictures, are 100% in kind shooting!


Question: What are the details of the products?
Answer: Each corresponding baby has a detailed description, colour, size, etc. have been noted, encounter no details, you can first consult, before buying, please be sure to enjoy your "right to know", understand the product! Because there is no choice of colour, you can note clearly when you shoot.


Question: What courier will be sent? Does it include postage?


(1) The company's cooperative courier company: FedEx;

(2) Pro, no free shipping (except for official events and shop discounts).